Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Gorilla Kiss In Church... (Oh my!)

Every year, our church loves to go all out for Mothers and Fathers Day. This year, I was in charge of coming up with what we call "Forced Community".  It's usually a game or an ice breaker that "forces" everyone to commune with each other.  Well, since it was Father's Day and they get all manly with ribs and such around Impact, I decided that the best game would be Man/Gorilla/Gun.  Man/Gorilla/Gun is Rock/Paper/Scissors.  Except in this game, the opponents stand back to back... and a song is sung explaining which item wins.  The song goes like this:

"Gorilla beats the man (echo)
Man beats the gun (echo)
Gun beats the gorilla (echo)
and if you tie, you die (echo)"

When it was decided that we were going to play this game, Josh and I had a fun discussion about how great it would be if we found a gorilla suit and tried to incorporate it into the service.  Well, we did, but only for the final 11:15 service.  The game went off quite well, except hidden in the back room was my husband... dressed as a gorilla.  When a champion was decided by process of elimination... we called Josh/Gorilla man out for the final showdown. 

I'm not kidding you, Josh got completely into character and came galloping out on all fours from the back room.  Then, he straddled someone in the front row.  Then, he accidentally scared the guy who he was supposed to play (because the guy happened to have his back turned the other way when Josh ran out.. oops!)  They battled.  Josh/the gorilla won.. which was sort of ironic.  I happened to be within feet of all of the madness because I was the one who introduced and explained the game everyone, so I was laughing and red faced at the silliness of my husband.  Suddenly Josh ran up to me, in his gorilla costume, and kissed me.  Like, through the mask.  In front of everyone.  Which was 250ish people in that service.  I was laughing so hard and quite embarrassed and thoroughly amused and most people laughed (but a few probably thought it was really weird and I bet some people were angry because "this is church, people!  We're in the house of God!" but actually, we ARE the house of God.  Our bodies are His temple now.  Churches are just buildings, people are the church.  (Jesus said it, not me.) ANYWAY, that's a whole different subject, and maybe no one thought that in the first place so why don't we just carry on with the rest of this blog, eh?) 

I am delighted to be able to show you a picture of it, too.  Our friend Leah captured the moment on a whim and I think it's hilarious. 

Sooooo here I am.
About to be kissed by my husband.
In a gorilla suit.
In church.

Oh silliness.... it makes life better, don't you think?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Puppy Love.

Today, Josh and I met my Dad and his dog, Tucker, at the Dog Park in Lowell.
It's a magical place where dogs can roam free and meet new friends, and a great way to meet and converse with others.  As a person who enjoys the art of conversation, it's interesting to hang out at a dog park.  Quite honestly, I think that it is the easiest place to have a conversation with a stranger.  Here's a typical example:

"Hi! How are you?"
("Good, how are you?")
"What's your dogs name?"
(Insert name here, repeat question to me)
"What breed is he?"
(Insert breed here, repeat question to me)
"How long have you had him?"
(Insert length of time here, repeat question to me)
"Do you live in this area?"
(Insert answer here, repeat question to me) 
(Also at any time, insert cute/nice/complimentary remarks about strangers' dog)
From there, you can pretty easily stem into things like where they work, their family, or other interests.

It's brilliant!
and super easy.
(If only the interests we had with strangers were as obvious as the common interest of having a dog at a dog park... ::sigh:: Life would be so much more enjoyable, don't you think?)

Sooooo, if you have a difficult time conversing with strangers I would like to recommend a puppy to you, friend.  It works like a charm. (While I'm on the subject,  I would also recommend the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People". Seriously.)

Anyway, here are some photos from our adventure today! 

Our little ...family?  (Does a puppy make us more of a family? Hmm.)



The above picture is his "plop" look.  Sometimes when we are going for walks and such, he just "plops" on the ground.  It is so super cute.  This is a great shot of it!

The below picture is his, "I am going to steal your heart right this very second!" look.

Dad, Buddy, and Tucker.

Yes, yes you will!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unexpected Humor.

Life can be quite funny, sometimes.
In the Lowell Meijer, there is something that always always always makes me smile.
On the wall, just past the Pharmacy, in the cafeteria, written in big letters on the wall is the word:

See, Meijer has a lot of random phrases and words painted on the walls around their store. 
One of those words is "ass".
Interestingly enough, it is actually part of the word "glass"... but
whoever put the word "glass" up didn't do a very good job. 
The "g" and the l" are on one wall, and then the "ass" on another wall.
A wall that's facing the entire store.

Now, this was either a very unfortunate mistake or an incredibly clever joke. I myself like to think that the latter is true.  I took pictures of it today, which was kind of a funny story in itself.   I just stood there in the middle of the store taking pictures... and then I walked closer to take another picture... and then I realized there were employees sitting and eating in the cafeteria who probably thought I was taking pictures of them.. so I walked a little bit closer and said, "um.. just so you know I'm not taking a picture of you, I'm taking a picture of the word "ass" on the wall."  They laughed.  I laughed.  It was sufficiently awkward and funny and probably made their 15 minute break (I hope!)

Anyway, here are the progressive pictures... :-)

A dead on shot:

An angle shot, to get the full word :-)

If you are ever in the Lowell Meijer, be sure to look for it!  I love finding things like this in life.  They come out of no where just to bring a little more joy to my day.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Graduating Class of 2010.

On Sunday, Josh and I went to the graduation ceremony at Lowell High School.  Fortunately, the weather held off and it was a beeeeautiful afternoon.  I really enjoyed the ceremony, especially the band's rendition of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.  It really struck me as an excellent choice for the band to play because these kids.... well, they just believe.  I couldn't help but notice the confident swagger of the boys or the classic aviator sunglasses that say, "I am really cool." (Atleast that's what I think mine say when I wear them... ha!)   Or how about the balloons and beach balls being inconspicuously blown up and tossed around because hey, there's nothing anyone can do about their disobedience anymore.  They were graduating. All of the students had this, "I've finally arrived" attitude.  It was awesome. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of it.  At the same time, I felt a twinge of sadness while observing their excitement.  Their hope.  I was sad because I know that, for the most part, it won't last.  I don't mean to be really negative, only honest.  The Salutatorian gave a speech that ended with something like, "So in the future, be sure to turn on CSPAN or CNN and I can guarantee you'll see our faces."  I am ashamed to admit I thought to myself, "No... no I probably won't, actually."  Because life happens and debt happens and failing classes happen and bad things happen and dreams get stolen and "realistic" expectations are adopted and it is so sad.  

So I would like to say to the graduating class of 2010, to my girls that graduated this year (Annelyse, Anna, Brittany, Miki, Nichole, Melissa), and to myself...  Don't Stop Believing that you can change the world.  That you can do anything.  What is your dream?  Someone HAS to live it... so why not you?  Keep that confident swagger.  Rock those aviators.  Change the world.  We all desperately need you to.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Our New Buddy.

We have a new member in our family!
His name is Buddy.
He's a 3 month old Cavachon puppy and he has completely stolen our hearts!
(Along with everyone else that he has met)
(Except for our two cats Blizzard and Houdini, but they don't really count... right?)

These pictures were taken on our way home the day we got him.

He's been a little more work than I had anticipated but we are both really enjoying this new little addition to our family! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Operation Beautiful.

A few months ago, I heard about the project called "Operation Beautiful".  The idea is to carry sticky notes with you wherever you go, and when you in a public place/restroom, to write one and leave it there that says something like..
"You are beautiful."
"You are loved."
"You are lovely."
or my personal favorite right now
"You are more important than you realize."

I carry sticky notes with me wherever I go, but I don't often find myself in a public restroom.
Even when I am in a public restroom, I don't always remember.

However, today in Meijer I did!
aaaand, I had my camera with me.  
aaaand, it had batteries that weren't dead in it.
aaaand, no one else was in the bathroom.
(Which was important because my camera makes a noise when I take pictures and that might really creep someone else out... "what is she taking pictures of over there?!?" or something like that..)
So I decided to document my sneaky attempt to love others.

Here it is!  Check out the website and consider joining the movement.  It's really fun and it makes me wonder who has found the notes I have left and if it has made them smile or feel more important or beautiful.  Everyone needs an encouraging word.

Even if it's just a sticky note in a bathroom stall.

I had to straddle the toilet to get this shot.  (I wanted to be sure to get the toilet paper in it!)